Music is the pyramid of the spirit. In the ever elusive quest for balance, it is music that maintains mind, body and soul by nourishing the creativity of the brain, allowing the anatomy to unwind and permitting the soul to grow with confidence and build social relationships.  These qualities  are vital in the struggle against the addictive process; and music can help shape emotions and provide a path to the fundamental struggles that shape our moral character.  

Bringing the unconscious issues, or coping strategies to a conscious level empowers the individuals to make a choice based on the new conscious information that is obtained.

Music. Hope. Change

The  prevention program provides an innovative approach toward helping youth in dealing with life challenges. this approach has proven effective even with the most challenge youth. 

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Group Sessions

Group sessions include an hour of coaching in the productions of the music (Beat making) and lyric writing.  Clients discuss past traumas, present perceived barriers and future goals through lyric writing sessions and will be guided in the recording process to bring the stories to life.  Groups will be held Mon, Tues, Wen, Thu and Fri.

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Individual Session

Individual sessions go  deeper into the reflection process and allows clients to write and/or speak about things they may have not been comfortable discussing in the group setting.  These personal sessions promote better understanding of each client and builds rapport that leads to personalized projects.  Individuals sessions are held twice daily. Monday- Friday 

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Lifelong Reflections Tools

Having your story on a disk or in your playlist on all media devises (Itunes, Smartphone, mp3 players) you can be reminded of your progress or have personal reflective  process by simple pressing play and listening to your goals at any moment! 

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