About the Program

Any skill level acceptable. (No previous writing experience necessary, all styles of music supported). 

• Youth will be provided the opportunity to explore their life struggles through writing lyrics. 

• Through the song writing process, youth are guided in reflecting upon life events and the choices they've made. 

• Through reflection, youth are able to explore alternatives to their life challenges that facilitate greater life success. • Groups inform and discredit misogyny, gang activity/violence, drug use or hateful glorification based on race, religion or sexual orientation. 

• Youth grow in confidence through each step of the music making process of creating instrumentals, writing lyrics and finally recording the song.

 • The whole process of creating a song provides a powerful medium for values clarification and envisioning hope for change. 

Abstract Music

A prevention program serving underprivileged youth ages 12-25 in Spokane, WA.  This cutting edge Music Program is designed to empower and inspired youth to strive for higher education and gaining skills to obtain employment. 

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